Rowan Fee / Childhood Nostalgia / Guess the number of sweets and win a prize!

Think back to the summer fetes of your childhood, where along with the tombola and raffle, there was always a guess how many sweets in the jar competition. The team here at LPA want you to do the same, using this recent work by LPA Futures photographer, Rowan Fee. Made entirely of jelly beans, Rowan's witty image follows on from recent personal work of cola bottles and milk bottles composed from their miniature sweet counterparts. We want you to guess the number of jelly beans in this image (it's not as easy as it looks) and get back to us with the answer.

The closest/correct answer will receive a selection of nostalgic sweets. Please send your answers on the back of a postcard to our offices in Clerkenwell by Friday 7th September.

Good luck!

© Rowan Fee