One to one portfolio reviews


Lisa offers portfolio reviews to photographers without agents. You will be given an honest appraisal of your photography, plus advice on how suitable it is for your chosen market and how your ‘brand’ can be strengthened.

Specific advice can also be given on your website, how you market yourself, pricing and even how to get an agent!

The sessions can take place at the LPA offices, online, by phone or video call, and are a one-to-one.


Gift cards are also available for these sessions.


“Lisa came at my work from so many different angles offering great advice and showed me how to look at my work in an entirely different way as well as giving me a lot of industry insight. I was so impressed by her above and beyond approach and the fact that she had already familiarised herself with my work prior to our meeting. 

I cannot recommend a portfolio review enough. Lisa is a really lovely woman and is so passionate about the photographic industry.

If I am ever losing a bit of faith in my work I think back to the review I had at LPA!”

Fran Hales


“I learned much from my portfolio review with Lisa. The session was very insightful and Lisa herself knowledgeable, engaging and positive. 

I now have a clearer direction of where to take my work and am looking forward to putting into action much of what was discussed.”

 Hermione Hodgson