...Of The Week

'CELEBRATION OF THE WEEK' Along with other photography lovers across the globe, LPA are celebrating World Photography Day.

We set ourselves a task to capture a little piece of our day, from our walk to work to what inspires us in the office. Here is a snippet of our world that we would like to share with you....

© Ally Nelson. Early morning silhouettes in Hackney.

© Danielle Bouchard. Twitter? Facebook? Fax, it's the only way to communicate in the 21st century.

© Georgina Bernard. Which button do I press?

© Lauren Jarmey. Morning sunlight on the way to work.

© Lisa Pritchard. Today is move day and Manny is saying goodbye to his old stables.

© Suzie Howell. Oooh, could I just borrow the book 'How to Be a Movie Star' ? Coley Porter Bell has the best reception area!

What's World Photography Day?

World Photography Day is all about celebrating photography and remembering how special a photograph can be.

Today, we take our photographs for granted. But next time you're flicking though photos from your last holiday, remember that there was once a time when photography didn't exist. A time when those precious moments couldn't be captured, uploaded and shared.

On August 19th, celebrate photography and share your world with the world!