Michael Whelan/Bench/Coy! Communications

LPA Futures photographer Michael Whelan tells us about his commission from COY! Communications for the Bench Spring Summer 2011 campaign; 'The Bench job came through COY! Communications and when I got the call to ask if I'd like to shoot the Spring Summer 2011 campaign I was more than chuffed to get involved. There were 2 photographers on this one as there was so much to do, basically the entire Spring Summer 2011 range for Canada, France, Germany and the UK.

There was something like 30 outfits a day for 3 days in various locations from run down houses to abandoned water works and an east end studio. There was a huge crew as it was being filmed as well, each of the 4 countries all had clients over for it and at one stage I looked around and saw about 40 people behind me watching the process, which was quite daunting at first!

Without a doubt it was one of the busiest and manic shoots I've done, trying to get each shot for each outfit a little bit different. However, it was amazingly produced and everything went to plan, all the clients are over the moon.

I caught a glimpse of one of my shots in the shop window the other week. It's always satisfying to see your work on display.'

© Michael Whelan