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Food and drink photographer Tim Atkins has worked with Great British Chefs on numerous shoots throughout the past year, so it was with no surprise that when it came to publishing their first book of recipes, they asked Tim to photograph the whole thing! Great British Chefs have gone from strength to strength since the owner, Ollie Lloyd, set up the recipe platform 7 years ago, with their readership growing each year. After receiving an amazing response from readers who helped crowdfund the project, Great British Chefs decided to publish their first ever cookbook featuring 120 recipes (each with it's own photograph) from 60 of the UK's finest chefs.

Working with a fantastic team of food stylists (Iain Graham and Polly Coupland) and food assistant (Pete Dreyer), art director Alex Smith and prop stylist (Lydia Brun), Tim shot each recipe over over a total of 19 shoot days!

Tim photographed two recipes per chef, working with famous names in the industry such as Marcus Wareing, Pierre Koffmann, Chantelle Nicholson, Sat Bains, Francesco Mazzei and Robin Gill to name but a few, and shot everything in his studio in Stoke Newington. Tim also sourced a lot of the ingredients locally, using local butcher MeatN16 and fishmongers Jaines & Son, both of which are around the corner from Tim's studio.

Capturing around 8 to 10 recipes per day and working with some ingredients that were only available for 2 weeks of the year, it was a challenging project to work on. However, Tim says that the team on set worked extremely well together, each using their unique skills to make the book such as success. He also says that it was a fantastic project to work on, not only because of the amazing food the team were able to sample on the shoot days, but also because it was great being able to let the food speak for itself in the images, without using too many props, just making the imagery all about the delicious ingredients and recipes.

Designed as a cookbook that celebrates Great Britain's thriving food culture, the result is a one of a kind collaboration of the best chefs in the country coming together in one book, coupled by some of the best food photography out there!

To buy the book and take a look at the beautiful food photography yourself, click here.

Fantastic work Tim, we're ordering our copy now!