LPA Photographers / Andy Smith / Landor / Bayer

Lifestyle photographer Andy Smith has been shooting for global company Bayer recently!  Commissioned by Landor, Andy was selected to capture both stills and moving image for Bayer's global image library. Shooting in Kenya and Brazil and working closely with LPA producer Cassie who organised the travel, accommodation, and liaised with local production, Andy travelled to the farms to capture these amazing images of real Bayer's employees and customers.

The brief here was to capture authentic images that reflect the vibrancy and energy of the work that Bayer do. The client was keen to have images that were not staged or posed and felt natural and real, while also keeping a certain amount of energy and dynamism to the images, which Andy has achieved perfectly here.

Amazing work!

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/290476088 w=540]

N.B. The footage was shot for a footage bank and not intended to be edited together as part of this project. It has been edited here by Andy to show the footage and stills alongside each other.