Lisa's New Book / Running a Successful Photography Business / Pricing Continued

Following on from last week, Lisa brings us another extract from her new book, ‘Running a Successful Photography Business’ which is receiving a lot of great feedback! This week we are continuing with the subject of pricing, Chapter 5 in Lisa’s book, as we have had a number of responses from last weeks blog regarding how useful information on this subject is!

In this chapter Lisa goes into detail on the points to consider when quoting for a job, including usage licences, copyright, and production fees to name a few and how vitally important each aspect is.

As Kate Hopewell-Smith, renowned wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer and one of the many amazing contributors to Lisa’s book, says;

‘Pricing is one of the hardest things to get right in any business that is both about time and products. Most photographers price themselves according to competitors, without any real understanding of how the price breaks down from the customer’s perspective. Transparency is good for both the photographer and the client – many photographers would probably discover that they are working for less than minimum wage if they really worked it all out properly. In the lifestyle sector, photographers don’t value their time enough and this should actually be at the heart of your structure…’


© Kate Hopewell-Smith 

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