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To celebrate the launch of Lisa's new book, ''Running a Successful Photography Business'', we are posting some extracts here on the blog. Today, from Chapter 5, a little snippet on the thorny subject of pricing.  ‘Getting your pricing right is probably one of the most important areas of your business, but also an area that many photographers find the hardest to deal with. It’s all well and good being able to shoot incredible images and generate lots of enquiries, but if you don’t get your pricing right, you won’t get much further.’

In this chapter Lisa discusses the crucial factors that should be considered at the costing stage.

‘…Pricing yourself to win a job can be a tricky balance at times. Too high and clients might go somewhere else; too low and you won’t make a profit or risk coming across as cheap, which can be just as bad.’

As Paul Clarke, one of the contributors to Lisa's new book and owner of a leading UK event photography company explains;

‘I’m a big believer in getting good data to work on. If I lose a job on price, I ask by how much, and note it down. Guesswork isn’t very professional. My goal is to price fairly and clearly, so I offer a menu of services to show what clients are spending their money on.'


Mozillians with the Firefox, at Mozfest, London © Paul Clarke

To read more about how to price yourself correctly in the industry and what factors to consider, buy Lisa’s book now. The book jumped into the top 20 best selling photography books on it's first day of publication so copies are selling incredibly fast! It is available on Amazon, Bloomsbury and at most Waterstones and WHSmiths.

Lisa will be publishing anther extract on the blog soon, watch this space!