Lisa’s critique at the Arts University College Bournemouth

A couple of weeks ago Lisa was invited to the Arts University College at Bournemouth, to critique the 2nd year photography degree students portfolios. ‘’When Richard Lloyd Lewis, the senior lecturer on the BA (hons)/FDA in Commercial Photography, sent me the day’s schedule I felt a little overwhelmed to say the least- I was due to meet 45 students for 10 minutes each!

However, the day flew by and I had a great time meeting all the students and seeing their work.  I was very impressed by the standard of the photography not to mention the course itself : aside from offering advice on the technical and creative side of photography the course includes lots of really useful vocational exercises, from live briefs and estimating on commercial shoots to talks by industry professionals. I guess that’s why its one of the most prestigious and popular photography degree courses in the country.

Click here to see 10 images from the day that stuck in my mind- apologies to those students who deserved to be in this list, as I say it’s all from memory but I guess this is how it works in the real world!"

© Rob Parfitt

© Hannah Tozer

© Freddie Wright

© Liam Ricketts

© Matt Town

© Dan Lilley

© Charlotte Salter

© Caroline Goetze

© Lydia Garde

© Matt Howey Nunn

Richard Lloyd Lewis kindly offered these words…

"Having an industry guest as established and respected as Lisa look through 2nd year portfolios and give feedback to the students at the mid point of their degree was invaluable, the comments and advice given were both constructive and encouraging. Showing portfolios in progress is a nerve-racking experience for the majority of students but one that will give them a little more insight into the realities of the real world outside of education. The feedback from the students has been really amazing and I would like to thank Lisa (and also appologise for the long hours) and all at LPA for their input."

Liam Rickets, one of the students, had this to say...

"Personally I found the portfolio review incredibly beneficial. To hear from Lisa, who has been representing photographers for the best part of 20 years, give me advice on my current portfolio of work and what to do next gave me that boost of enthusiasm to keep creating new and exciting work"

Lisa’s final bit of advice to the students…

‘’Work out which kind of photography you enjoy most and are best at, then look into where (and if!) you can earn a living from your chosen niche.

As well as developing your skills as a photographer, learn and experience as much as you can about the industry now, whilst still studying.

Research all ways of earning a living from the photography industry-from retouching to styling to location scouting- it will come in handy if you need to diversify, need a plan b, and just simply to understand how the business works.’’