Iain Crockart/Vildagliptin/CDM London

CDM London recently commissioned Iain Crockart to shoot a series of images for the diabetic drug Vildagliptin. The idea was to create images from the point of view of a diabetic patient, illustrating the dizziness associated with experiencing a hypo. Iain tells us all about the how he approached the brief and how the shoot day went. "What could be simpler, find an escalator moving down into a modern, bright, shopping centre, problem was... it's approaching Christmas and for some reason the idea of taking down the masses of decorations just for the shoot did not appeal to the many shopping centres I recce'd. Thankfully Kings Cross St.Pancras was decoration free... the planning could begin. The 20 extras were chosen and booked, the styling approved, the battery powered lighting cleared by health and safety... then the snow came, lots of it. When I recced the location the big gaping hole that was the station platform behind me created little more than a light breeze, the day of the shoot a Siberian gale had replaced it. We had not styled the shoot for winter, come to think it of it I went to Fat Face to get decked out in hat and gloves.

So quite literally, hats off to all the models who endured the sub zero conditions to help make the shot for the client, to the most helpful station supervisor who turned the escalator off between trains arriving and to the coffee shops who our runner got to know very well."

LPA Photographer/Iain Crockart

LPA Styling/Charlotte Williams

LPA Hair & Make-up/Sam Norman