The Brief / Cheil UK / Samsung / Ray Massey

The Brief is a regular feature on the LPA blog which takes a behind the scenes look at a photoshoot, from brief to final images. Photographer: Ray Massey Client: Samsung Agency: Cheil UK Creative Team: Dog & Bear Account Handlers: Andy Stevenson / Fraser Campbell Production: LPA Production Shoot Date: February 12th 2015 Usage: Press and digital banners, UK, 1 week / OOH, UK, 1 day

For this instalment of The Brief, we look at a recent shoot commissioned by Cheil UK for Samsung and shot by Ray Massey. A legend in the world of still life photography this was the perfect shoot for Ray to sink his teeth into!


Ray was approached by Cheil UK to shoot a clever campaign for their client Samsung, with rather a fast turnaround.  With Samsung being a major sponsor of the English team, Cheil wanted to commission some photography to promote the England vs Italy game, which was taking place as part of the Rugby World Cup. As the game was taking place on Valentine’s Day, the team decided to play on the motif of the red rose, which is also the emblem of the English team.

In the words of Dog & Bear, ‘“When we realised that England’s next Six Nations clash took place on Valentines Day, we were struck by the symbol that unites them both - the rose. Only problem was, we fell in love with the idea on February 12th leaving us just 48 hours to make it happen! Having turned to Ray before in similar circumstances, we knew he could help us pull it off”.

- Wednesday 11th February

We had the brief come in from the guys at Cheil on Wednesday morning along with a scamp of how they envisioned the final image to look. With no time to spare we got cracking on the estimate.

England Rugby © Dog & Bear


The project was relatively simple and one of the LPA team, Tom, set out about putting costs together. This is what he included:

Photographer’s fees and photographic expenses:

  • Shoot fees to reflect the usage and for a half day shoot
  • Photographic expenses – digi-capture, post production , studio and equipment/ lighting


  • 1st Assistant


  • Props - red rose and material for background


Catering, insurance, telephone, delivery, transport , couriers etc.

The guys at Cheil were lightning fast at signing off the costs and so Ray could press on with sourcing the props the same day. Along with the red roses and jersey material, Ray also bought some satin sheets as a back up in case the creatives wanted to try a different tact on the day.


- Thursday 12th February


With sign-off on Wednesday and props all sorted by Ray himself , we were ready to shoot first thing Thursday morning! The team needed the image by 4pm the same day in order to make the deadline for Friday’s papers so Ray started shooting at 8am and had the image in the bag by midday. Retouching house The Forge then worked their magic to get the image looking flawless and sent it on to Cheil to add the copy for the 4pm deadline.

BTS Ray working his magic! / © Dog & Bear

- Friday 13th February

In less than 48 hours from the brief hitting our desks, we saw the fruits of our labour popping up all over London! In addition to press ads in The Times and The Telegraph, the images were used in OOH digital poster sites including Piccadilly Circus and various London tube stations.

To summarise from Ray himself, 'Actually it was no big deal, at only 40 hours to Valentines day, there were more red roses around than you could shake stick at and a white Fred Perry shirt is not hard to find any time.  Having a retoucher in the family in the form of Jean-Michel at The Forge is also helpful!

Usage © Dog & Bear

Photoshoot Glossary

Scamps: Sometimes known as layouts, drawings to illustrate the final ads.

OOH: OOH (Out of Home) advertising is advertising that reaches the consumer outside of the home.

Digital Poster: An electronic poster as seen on the London underground.