Sam Stowell/Falcon Enamelware/Kiwi&Pom

Design consultancy Kiwi&Pom and art direction team, Morse Studio, recently commissioned Sam Stowell to photograph the iconic Falcon Enamelware. The brief was to shoot the Falcon dishes overhead to get some nice graphic lines with dropped shadows and natural daylight. Sam talks about how he approached the brief:

" The location we found was perfect. It fitted the rustic feel of Falcon Enamelware and had a beautiful soft north light coming through from the side. The last thing we needed was a room full of light. On the shoot day we laid out all the props to get the correct feel for each dish and then tried to make everything feel as naturally messy and inviting as we could. We then shot a series of images deconstructing the dishes after each shot until we were left with dishes that looked as if they had been happily devoured.

Both Kiwi&Pom and myself are really happy with the way the shoot went and the end results."

© Sam Stowell