Patrick Harrison / Proximity London / Royal Mail

Back in the Summer of 2012, LPA photographer Patrick Harrison was commissioned by Proximity London to shoot this great series of images for the Royal Mail website which have recently gone live. Shot in several locations throughout London from an estate agents to a bike shop, Patrick's snaps capture the everyday life of the Royal Mail team as well as customers using the service. LPA Style's Alice Timms provided the great effortless styling which complements Patrick's relaxed and natural photography.

Some of Patrick's work insitu

2 © Patrick Harrison

3 © Patrick Harrison

4 © Patrick Harrison

5 © Patrick Harrison

1 © Patrick

And some of the great final images

xljoLkaybhpHWZiE4RWIZBvIQUWTLqOPcUE1s86Zsj4 © Patrick Harrison

gikTtR-AIlpMm7yj6_b5to9htH0MjhovD-zfSdqGEBg © Patrick Harrison

aEPmxYFKWBqO6Ks53XKImT-OalIeErAIyx7o0tB4skw © Patrick Harrison

kLb62-dsENoKuIuAELliAFGA_zBWv5uLqxBPZusMwkE © Patrick Harrison