Patrick Harrison / Nokia PureView / Brazil

Patrick Harrison, the latest addition to the LPA family, was recently invited to test out the Nokia PureView 808 - a brand new phone with an amazing 41MP Camera! With a small team including a Producer and Art Director from the agency Hugo & Cat as well as a local fixer, Patrick spent 5 days in Rio during Carnival shooting for 12 hours a day with the new phone. Here's what Patrick had to say about the shoot...

'Rio is an amazing city, with superb, diverse locations.  It's hard to imagine anywhere else quite as vibrant and intoxicating.  The people and the place are just made for great images, the camera phone's pretty good aswell!'

Below is the final product tour film which will be used globally, in-store and on the device as start up screens and wallpapers.  The film uses images from Patrick's shoot in Brazil alongside Ciro Candia's shoot in London.