Olly Burn/Rapier/PruHealth

LPA/Futures photographer Olly Burn, was recently commissioned by Rapier to shoot a new campaign for PruHealth. The images had to be very real, charming, full of life and relaxing, to fit in with the ideals of PruHealth's 'Well Rewarded' campaign. LPA/Production arranged all shoot logistics, styling by Charlie Cave (LPA/Style) and hair and make-up by Ellie Tobin (LPA/Style).

Angus George, from the Creative Team at Rapier shares his positive shoot experience;

'Olly was, quite simply, fantastic. Despite my rather scattered and vague direction he managed to produce an absolutely stunning set of images for us. Our job was hardly a glamorous one, but this didn’t seem to effect his commitment or enthusiasm for the project. When any sane person would have stood at the edge of the Serpentine in winter, he simply waded in camera and all. And as for LPA Production, they put together a great little crew who were relaxed, professional and good fun. Lets do it again soon.'

Olly Burn gives us his insight;

'Thanks to a fantastic team and a lovely brief, the PruHealth shoot was great fun to work on. It was a real pleasure collaborating with the team at Rapier and being involved in their creative process. Seeing the finals shots on 48 sheets on the Underground was an amazing feeling, and a real testament to everyone involved.'

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