Olly Burn / Street Football / Cuba

LPA Futures jet-setter Olly Burn recently went to the beautiful island of Cuba, capturing some rays as well as some great images. In the small town of Viñales in the Pinar del Río province, Olly came across this group of kids playing football in the street, joining in himself before taking some candid shots. Olly's trademark style and great use of warm light is making us need a holiday badly, roll on the Summer!

OllyBurn_1212_Cuba_0631 © Olly Burn

OllyBurn_1212_Cuba_0637 © Olly Burn

OllyBurn_1212_Cuba_0644 © Olly Burn

OllyBurn_1212_Cuba_0652 © Olly Burn

OllyBurn_1212_Cuba_0690 © Olly Burn

OllyBurn_1212_Cuba_0748 © Olly Burn

OllyBurn_1212_Cuba_0755 © Olly Burn