This Friday the LPA team would like to share their 'INSPIRATIONS OF THE WEEK'. Lisa's inspiration of the week:

Lisa was particularly inspired by the work she saw at the AOP Assistants Awards this week. LPA were at the ceremony last night rooting for LPA Futures photographer Olly Burn and his image in the environment single award. Lisa was encouraged to see such a great variety of high quality work from the next generation of professional photographers.

© Olly Burn

Suzie's inspiration of the week:

Before the AOP Assistants awards last night, LPA attended a fascinating talk by photographer Simon Norfolk at the Hoxton Gallery. Simon spoke of what drives him to do what he does within photography and how his personal work and research translates into his commercial work. Suzie was particularly interested to hear about how Simon created such interesting images of the Mayan Temples for National Geographic.

Lauren's inspiration of the week:

On Wednesday Lauren attended a talk by Owen Jones, author of the book 'Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class.' The talk tackled issues of the stereotyping and criticism that the modern day working class has become a victim of. The evening was really thought provoking and raised an interesting debate about the state of politics.

Ally's inspiration of the week:

This week on the LPA blog, Ally wrote about  Michael Heffernan's personal project '27 Stops' currently being exhibited at East Gallery. The series created a different and unique way of photographing London and the people who live within it. The image of the woman with wings on from Walthamstow stood out for Ally.

Dani's inspiration of the week: 

On Tuesday Dani went to see the film Melancholia at The Barbican. Melancholia is described on the film's official website as 'a beautiful movie about the end of the world'. Dani thought the film was visually stunning, gripping, tense and oddly quite funny!