Last night we attended ASA Collective's first anniversary at Nomad on Old Street. We were so impressed by the quality of work that we thought it deserved to be our 'SLIDESHOW OF THE WEEK'. ASA Collective is made up of 3 London based photographers who strive to use photography and multi-media as a platform for important story telling. These photographers are Armando Ribeiro, Arun Nangla and Srinivas Kuruganti. Every month they hold slideshow events where they showcase their own work, the work of others and collaborative work between themselves and other visual artists.

This months was a particularly special slideshow as ASA had some influential curators helping to choose the work shown. We were particularly blown away by the work of photographer Sophie Gerrard who was nominated by Fiona Rogers. Fiona is the founder of Firecracker, an online platform supporting European women photographers and is also the Cultural and Educational Manager at Magnum Photos. The work that Sophie showed  last night related to environmental and social issues within India. Here are a few images from her work entitled 'E-Wasteland', a series documenting the problem of e-waste in India. She also showed a moving image piece about the Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital in Bihar which you can see here.

Acid pollution from E-waste recycling in the streets in Mandoli, Delhi, India.

© Sophie Gerrard


E-waste components stacked in a recycling yard, Maya Puri, Delhi, India.

© Sophie Gerrard

A young worker in an e-waste workshop in Shastri Park, Delhi, India.

© Sophie Gerrard

Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) in storage, Bangalore, India.

© Sophie Gerrard


Other curators and photographers that participated were:

Claudia Sola - Being There ... curated by ASA collective Augustin Ribetez - The Dinner of the Lonely Man ... curated by Diane Smyth Edmund Clark - One Day on a Saturday ... curated by Anna Stevens

Tim & Matt Bowditch - Afghanistan Blueys ... curated and co-produced by ASA collective Sophie Gerrard - Protectors of Sight ... curated by Fiona Rogers Kanu Ghandi Archive ... curated by Saleem Arif Quadri

Definitely all worth a look! Fantastic work guys well done. Looking forward to the next one.