Nick Daly/Nivea/Life Agency

Nick Daly recently shot an above the line campaign for Nivea with Life Agency. The brief was to shoot ‘Moments of Closeness’ between family and friends who had a real relationship. With LPA Production producing the shoot, Nick and his team ventured off to 5 cities in search of real people and real closeness. First stop, Birmingham, then Brighton, London, Edinburgh and finally, Cardiff.

Nick tells us about the shoot…

“We all went out together onto the streets. Deanne worked as talent scout and point of first contact. Louise (Account Director at Life Agency) then explained the approach, Leela filled in the various forms, Ellie Tobin (LPA Style) did a great job on the hair and make up and my assistant Colin helped carry the equipment. It was a fast paced shooting environment and we had great fun doing it. The real life models were an inspiration in every way, looking back still makes us all smile.”

Laura Gibson (Account Director at Life Agency) gives us her insight…

“Nick has a great approach to his work and it was a delight working with him and his team. The images have beautiful warmth to them, we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much to Nick and his team and to LPA for doing such a fantastic job on the production.”

Click here to view the Nivea 'Moments of Closeness' campaign in full.

Richard, Emma and Vespa Daley, Birmingham.

Donald and Sylvia Murrell, Birmingham.

Maria and Apetri, Birmingham.

Jerome and Sophie, Birmingham.

Michelle and Steve, Brighton.

Julie and Vyvian, Brighton.

Maria and Svetlana, London.

Pam and Suzanne, Cardiff.