Nick Daly/Asthma UK

Nick Daly sets the scene for what was a very enjoyable shoot to help raise awareness of the medication available to asthma sufferers. The client was Asthma UK.

Here's Nick's insight into his recent shoot for Asthma UK...

5.4m people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma.The brief for the shoot was co written by LPA and Nick Daly. The shoot took a year from concept to production and completion. All of the models were asthma sufferers themselves.

Finally the shoot took place in Muswell Hill, London N10 in a location house. The Wyatt family came up from Margate with their parents, also asthma sufferers. The little boy, a young Thierry Henri look-alike (Cameron Ross) was a delight to work with. There was also a nurse qualified in asthma symptom relief and medication on hand to ensure correct procedure.

The feel of the shoot was editorial as the images were to be used to familiarise asthma sufferers with the various medicating inhalers. My brilliant assistant was Amy Scaife, superb production by Luke at LPA and styling by the awesome Charlotte Williams.

Five scenarios were photographed to demonstrate the main areas of the home with the highest risk of an attack: bathroom, living room, going out for a run, garden and kitchen.

© Nick Daly