Mike Whelan / Brothers and Sisters / 20% Project

We love Brothers and Sisters' latest initiative, 20% Project. The ad agency has invited their own creatives to pitch individual projects and, if it's a good one, they are granted 20% of their working week (1 day) to develop the project.  What a great concept - ideas are realised without the restrictions of client briefs and budgets. LPA Futures, Mike Whelan, was recently commissioned to shoot the 'Battersea Tattoo Project' where creative, Helen Robertson, decided to marry her love of Battersea Power Station with her love of tattoos.

Mike was delighted be involved and said, 'When I heard about this project I was amazed there was someone else who loved Battersea Power Station this much! It was a real treat to be involved in the storyboarding stages and the guys at Brothers and Sisters are really inspiring to work with.  There was plenty of blood, sweat and tears on this one but we've ended up with a really nice low-fi design / film / stills project that feels like it's done the story justice.'

Watch the full story here...