LPA Style/Test shoot with David Ryle

Natasha Freeman (LPA Style) and Elkie Phillips (LPA Style) recently shot an exciting test at a disused school with photographer David Ryle (represented by Balcony Jump). Natasha Freeman reveals the ideas behind her styling...

"David and I started working on this project some time ago after wanting to create images that were something special. After a thorough reccy of the disused boarding school we were inspired, how could such a place like this exist and what was its story? Casting models from agencies such as Nevs and Cosmic enabled us to get beautiful yet slightly awkward and pure looking talent so this combined with the location was the making of a strong shoot. From the timeless beauty of the location we decided to go with a slightly vintage feel with the clothing - whilst keeping it modern and subtle. A really amazing shoot to work on, with enchanting results."

© David Ryle