LPA Style's Sam Norman and Charlotte Williams latest work with Mark Griffiths

LPA Style's hair and make-up artist Sam Norman and stylist Charlotte Williams recently had fun working on a creative shoot with photographer Mark Griffiths. The hair styling was by Danielle Hooker. Sam Norman tells us a bit about the atmospheric images that Mark produced: 'I wanted the make-up to look quite haunting, so I kept the skin pale and sculpted and the eyes dark and defined. For the dining table shot, the feeling was meant to be one of wealth and arrogance so we made the hair and make-up very classic and strong. The whole day was brilliant, we shot in the same building as the one they filmed The Kings Speech in. When we weren't shooting we spent the rest of the time investigating it! Shooting with Mark was lovely, he is a real perfectionist and uses complex lighting to achieve a painterly quality to his images.'

Mark Griffiths: http://mdrgriffiths.com