LPA Style / Victoria Poland / U+MAG

LPA Style's Victoria Poland recently worked her make-up brush magic on this high fashion shoot 'MK ULTRA' for Brazilian magazine, U+MAG. Shot by Frankie Pike, Victoria created some exciting make-up looks for the shoot, whilst hair styling was done by Terri Capon. We love the images here in the office - fabulous work as always Victoria.

FrankiePike_101113_MKULTRA_0566_jpeg © Frankie Pike

FrankiePike_101113_MKULTRA_0814_jpeg © Frankie Pike

FrankiePike_101113_MKULTRA_0880_jpeg © Frankie Pike

FrankiePike_101113_MKULTRA_0628_jpeg © Frankie Pike

FrankiePike_101113_MKULTRA_1023_jpeg © Frankie Pike