LPA Style / Alice Timms / Feral Children

LPA Style Alice Timms has been continuing her stellar work with the fabulous Julia Fullerton-Batten (represented by Wyatt Clarke & Jones) on a recent project, 'Feral Children'. The concept behind the shoot was the intriguing, and in some cases horrific, stories of feral children who had spent their formative years isolated from humans. From Russia to the USA, Mexico to Cambodia, the stories span both the globe and also centuries. Alice says 'the stories of the children were based at lots of different times in history, so I sourced a mixture of vintage clothes, hired period pieces and new children's clothes which I then distressed and broke down'.

Feral_KamalaAmala © Julia Fullerton-Batten

Ivan Mishukov, Russia © Julia Fullerton-Batten

Marina Chapman Columbia © Julia Fullerton-Batten

Oxana Malaya Ukraine © Julia Fullerton-Batten