LPA Production / Rowan Fee / Cubo

In addition to representing some of the best photographers, stylists and hair & make-up artists in the business, don't forget we also offer a full production service, LPA Production.  Our in house production team and solid roster of freelance crew not only provides support to our own photographers but also a variety of other clients and offers a Pop up Agent service. Our clients include commissioners of photography from advertising and design agencies to overseas photographers to photographers without agents. Whether you need urgent costs for a complex shoot, or would just like us to schedule and attend a production, our talents are varied!

To give you a little taste of what we can do, we thought we'd share a recent production for advertising agency Cubo.

Still-life supremo Rowan Fee was commissioned to shoot an image for one of Cubo's clients. We cast a hand model for the shoot and sourced the perfect studio. In addition we took care of the nitty-gritty, sorting all the paperwork and making sure everything ran on time and within budget. 'From a production point of view, the shoot was relatively straightforward. However, as we had just three days to turn the shoot around, deadlines were tight and we had to be at the top of our game to make sure everything was perfect and to the client's high standards' says LPA Producer Jonathon Nixon.