LPA Photographers / Paul Tait / Ofcom

LPA's newest photographer Paul Tait has hit the ground running shooting for Ofcom, the communications regulator, recently.   Paul was commissioned to visit Ofcom's beautiful offices on the river Thames to capture an archive of images to be used for their website and annual report.

Ofcom's have recently transformed their offices into 'agile' work spaces, so the brief here was to convey this modern way of working, including hotdesking and break out areas. The client was keen to capture this in a natural and authentic way which is why they selected Paul to come in and shoot in his signature style.

Capturing real members of staff in these images, Paul said it was a big help that the company has such a good culture and everyone was so happy with the new way of working. This meant the staff were relaxed and happy, making them easier to shoot!

Amazing work!