LPA Photographers / Kerry Harrison / Sage / Ballet School

As part of his ongoing work for multinational company Sage, LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison shot this case study at a ballet school in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Throughout 2013 Kerry travelled across the globe for Sage shooting in Barcelona, Vienna, Paris and Johannesburg to name a few. Shooting in a mostly documentary way, Kerry subtly directed the dancers and teacher to ensure the resulting images were both dynamic and beautifully crafted. These images sit alongside other case studies including textile designers in London, wine merchants in Vienna and graphic designers in Madrid. A great slice of life as always Kerry!

KH_BalletSA_001 © Kerry Harrison

KH_BalletSA_002 © Kerry Harrison

KH_BalletSA_003 © Kerry Harrison

KH_BalletSA_004 © Kerry Harrison

KH_BalletSA_005 © Kerry Harrison

KH_BalletSA_006 © Kerry Harrison

KH_BalletSA_007 © Kerry Harrison

KH_BalletSA_008 © Kerry Harrison

KH_BalletSA_010 © Kerry Harrison