LPA Photographers / Iain Crockart / Fotocult Magazine

Iain Crockart's image's that he recently shot for the German Edition of a book by Captain Fawcett have just been published in a German Magazine called Fotocult magazine The article describes how the trend for large and perfectly manicured beards has grown over recent years and that this book,  A man - A beard "is a lavishly illustrated handbook of the new beard culture, written and compiled by Richard Finney alias Captain Peabody Fawcett" and all images in the book have been shot by LPA's Iain Crockart. 

Iain's image's capture men with perfectly groomed moustaches,  the shops that stock Captain Fawcett as well as other bear grooming products, and also individuals shaving and trimming their impressive facial hair.

We love the detail and also the drama in these images, amazing work!