LPA Photographer / Rowan Fee / Men's Health / Time

After last month's spread in Men's Health, 'Manifatso', LPA Photographer Rowan Fee is back with a new feature in June's edition of the magazine. Taking ways of maximising your time as a point of inspiration, whether it be how to get an eight-pack or to ward of cancer, Rowan brought his sense of humour to the shoot. Shooting some great props made by Lou Blackshaw, Rowan's great eye for colour and detail ensured the final images look great. And anything which involves drinking for your health gets our vote!

TimeJune1 © Rowan Fee

TimeJune2 © Rowan Fee

TimeJune3 © Rowan Fee

TimeJune4 © Rowan Fee

TimeJune5 © Rowan Fee

TimeJune6 © Rowan Fee