LPA Moving Image / Nick David / Junior Bangers

LPA photographer Nick David has teamed up again with fellow film maker Jack Flynn to create another amazing short film, this time concentrating on the wild and fearless world of Junior Banger racing!  Junior Banger racing is an adrenaline fuelled motorsport where drivers as young as eleven race against each other in old scrap vehicles. In this sport, Nick says‘there is no such thing as an average race, drivers speed around a dirt track with incredible skill.’

Filmed in King's Lynn Nick and Jack capture the charged atmosphere on race day, filming the energy of the crowd, near misses and of course the inevitable crashes as drivers spin out in spectacular style.

During the making of the film they interview four teenager drivers who share their love and passion for the sport ‘it's nice winning, but just going out there, you get such a thrill from it’.

It's serious stuff though, as another racer says "Out there on the track you've got no friends, everyone has their game face on"

Nick also shot some stills from race day capturing engaging and honest portraits as well as little moments around the race course.

We love the feel to this, it's a fantastic insight into something completely unknown to most people and Nick and Jack's film captures the joy these teenagers have for the sport in a sensitive and thoughtful way.

Amazing work!

© Nick David and Jack Flynn. Junior Bangers