LPA Student Challenges / Catching up with Edd Fury

We spent a few minutes catching up with Student Challenge winner Edd Fury who impressed us all in challenge three, winning a bespoke portfolio worth over £1000.  Here he talks us through this process, as well as his experiences at university and where he's taking his photography next...

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"I applied for LPA’s Third Student Challenge in January, which required me to submit a statement as to why I am the ‘One to Watch’ along with a selection of my work, and was delighted to be selected as the winner.  My prize was a bespoke handmade portfolio by the amazing Cathy Robert at Delta Design studio.

Putting a printed portfolio together was a new thing to me.  The guys at LPA were great helping me pick the work and arranging it in a way which flowed.  Metro kindly did the printing for it, and tweaked a few of my images in their retouch department before they were printed.  Cathy was great too, talking me through the whole process.  She’s amazingly good at what she does, I can’t wait to pick my folio up soon and show it off.


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I left university in May with a great optimism.  I had been shooting and assisting a lot over the previous 18 months and my portfolio was starting to come together really nicely.  I had some work in there that I was proud to show off.

I loved university.  I made a great bunch of friends along the way and learned a lot too, but the one thing they don’t teach you is how to get your own clients.  I’ve been spending the past few months figuring that out.  Its tough, but I think its something you have to teach yourself.  So my goal at the minute is to start and pick up some clients that I think could benefit from my work. Getting into some meetings with my new portfolio is a must over the next 12 months too!!

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© Edd Fury

I like testing, shooting my own bits and bobs and trying to push myself to become a better photographer.  I can definitely see an improvement in my work over the past 12 months.  Next in the pipeline, I want to shoot a series of cocktails in a minimal and clinical way, playing with shape, colour and form, and a series to do with coffee at some point too.  I’m also enjoying shooting a lot more portraiture these days and have a few exciting projects that I’m working on, which I’m looking forward to completing.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a bunch of great photographers along the way. Jonathan Beer’s work always blows my socks off.  James King’s lifestyle stuff is incredible and it was awesome to be part of the team on some of it.  Dan Winter’s and Dan Tobin Smith’s work is both equally amazing in their respective fields.  I also came across Adam Voorhes the other day, and I keep going back for more!"

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