LPA Futures / Tim Atkins / Guardian Labs / Green & Black's

LPA Futures Tim Atkins was recently commissioned by Guardian Labs to shoot for Green & Black's. Working with food stylist Emily Kydd and props stylist Jennifer Kay, Tim shot a range of dishes which featured the iconic brand's product or were inspired by their flavours. Tim said of the project, ' the creative direction was exciting and challenging at the same time. They wanted to celebrate the chefs' personality and ingredients by adding colour either to the food or the setting it was placed on'. Here are a few of our favourite from the features, we'll share our top picks from the interactive work next week...

06_ZestyChocolateCheesecake38 © Tim Atkins / Recipe by Eric Lanlard

03_ChocolateAlmondCake029 © Tim Atkins / Recipe by Gill Meller

03_RoastedVensionSpiceRedCabbage37 © Tim Atkins / Recipe by Tom Kitchin

05_PistachioDarkChocolate34-1 © Tim Atkins / Recipe by Eric Lanlard

Roulade78 © Tim Atkins / Recipe by Eric Lanlard