LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / VCCP / RFL

Back in the sweltering summer of 2013, LPA Futures Oliver Haupt was commissioned by VCCP to shoot these dynamic and athletic images for the RFL, the governing body for Rugby League in the UK. 'The Rugby League of the Extraordinary' encourages people to get up off their sofas and get into the fantastic sport. Oliver shot a variety of Rugby enthusiasts for the campaign, from primary school children to university students to those who just like a quick game on a Sunday morning. Oliver's dynamic and atmospheric use of light and dark gives the images a cartoon-like superhero aesthetic which we all love. LPA Style's Victoria Poland also did a great job of making the players look sweaty and muddy, fresh from the pitch whilst Ros Keep provided the styling.

oliver-haupt-VCCP-LONDON-RFL-g-1200pix © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-VCCP-LONDON-RFL-13-1200pix © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-VCCP-LONDON-RFL-1-1200pix © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-VCCP-LONDON-RFL-i-1200pix © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-VCCP-LONDON-RFL-23-1200pix © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-VCCP-LONDON-RFL-24-1200pix © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-VCCP-LONDON-RFL-20-1200pix © Oliver Haupt