LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / Summer

It's been a very busy summer for LPA Futures Oliver Haupt. Whilst it was definitely warm in London the last couple of months, it was even hotter in Madrid where Oliver spent most of his time. These beautiful and vibrant images were shot in the hot Spanish sun, Oliver capturing the dusky light perfectly in these highly saturated works.  In other news, Oliver has being do fantastically well at scooping awards at the moment - taking home a gold, silver and bronze medal for his creative work at PX3 2013, and more of his images making into the Luerzer's Archive, ranking him 3rd on an international level. Well done Oliver!

oliver-haupt-lake24 © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-lake6 © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-lake3 © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-lake23 © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-lake17 © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-lake22 © Oliver Haupt