LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / St Bride's Choir

LPA Futures Oliver Haupt has been recently working on a creative new personal project with St Bride's Choir. Housed at St Bride's Church on Fleet Street, St Bride's Choir was formed in 1957 and have been singing ever since. Shot on location, Oliver captured the chorists mid song in a series of captivating portraits. Known for his use of light and expansive retouching skills, Oliver's project perfectly captures the exuberance of the choir and the atmosphere of the church.

oliver-haupt-st-brides-choir-london-2-03-listo-web © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-st-brides-choir-london-3b-02-listo-web-ok © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-st-brides-choir-london-1-03-listo-web © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-st-brides-choir-london-2d-03-listo-web © Oliver Haupt

oliver-haupt-st-brides-choir-london-2g-2-listo-web © Oliver Haupt