LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / Only Kids

LPA Futures Oliver Haupt has been working on a new personal project, Only Kids, which will be shown as part of a group exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery Looking at ideas of childhood, the images straddle the often fragile boundary between play and violence in a series of thought-provoking images. Oliver often works with children as he enjoys 'their innocent fresh approach that enriches our own perception' and gives us a new way to view the world.

Make sure you head down to The Brick Lane Gallery this Wednesday from 6-8.30pm for the preview, or anytime until February 1st when the show closes.

OLIVER-HAUPT-just-kids-01-web © Oliver Haupt

OLIVER-HAUPT-KIDDING--02-web © Oliver Haupt

OLIVER-HAUPT-just-kids-03-web © Oliver Haupt

OLIVER-HAUPT-KIDDING--01-web © Oliver Haupt

OLIVER-HAUPT-just-kids-02-web © Oliver Haupt