LPA Futures / Oliver Haupt / Fight Zone London

LPA Futures Oliver Haupt has been expanding on his impressive portfolio of sports photography with this recent shoot at Fight Zone London. A specialist in combat sports including Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the East London venue certainly lives up to his name. Oliver spent time shooting some rather impressive athletes in his characteristic dark and high contrast style which adds even more tension to the images. A master in post-production, Oliver's images are all lovingly retouched to produce some truly spectacular work.

Oliver-Haupt-London-FIGHTZONE-5-web © Oliver Haupt

Oliver-Haupt-London-FIGHTZONE-10-web © Oliver Haupt

Oliver-Haupt-London-FIGHTZONE-38-web © Oliver Haupt

Oliver-Haupt-London-FIGHTZONE-3-web © Oliver Haupt

Oliver-Haupt-London-FIGHTZONE-25-web © Oliver Haupt

Oliver-Haupt-London-FIGHTZONE-2-web © Oliver Haupt