LPA Futures / Michela Nale / Professional Photographer article

LPA Futures photographer Michela Nale has pride of place in the latest edition of Professional Photographer for her styled shoot inspired by Wes Anderson's film Moonrise Kingdom.

Working with LPA Style Alice Timms and Claire Portman, Michela created a nostalgic, vintage atmosphere with natural lighting, superb period styling and lovely out of focus vignettes for the youthful portraits. Michela's cinematic approach is explored within the article, which mentions her intentional lack of post production, preferring to leave the images with a lifelike, soft allure. The beauty of the shoot encourages the viewer to perceive the world through a child's eyes, and we are thrilled that Michela's technique and excellent stylistic eye have been given exposure within this edition.


Michela's article can be found on page 19




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