LPA Futures / Launch Party

This week we held a fabulous party to celebrate the unveiling of our LPA Futures photographers for 2015-17. Our office adjacent studio space, Camden Park Studios, provided the perfect venue for the party, being situated in a beautiful deconsecrated church. We had a brilliant turnout of guests who enjoyed delicious cocktails from the Duppy Share whilst viewing an exhibition of the photographers' work. Thanks to this year's judges - Mike Bone, Tony Connor, Amanda G, Patrick Harrison, Kathy Howes, Daniel Moorey and Lisa herself! Thanks also to our generous sponsors for the prizes - Delta Design, Metro Imaging, The Forge, Swan Turton, Williamson Carson & Co Ltd/ Chubb and Direct Photographic as well as BMA Models and the Duppy Share for helping to make the party such a success. Congratulations to Marc, Lulu, Tim, Emma, James and Fay!

LPA Futures_022

© LPA / LPA Futures Photographers

LPA Futures_005

© LPA / Marc Ambros

LPA Futures_002

© LPA / Lulu Ash

LPA Futures_003

© LPA / Tim Atkins

LPA Futures_006

© LPA / Emma Boyns

LPA Futures_004

© LPA / James Byrne

LPA Futures_001

© LPA / Fay Elizabeth Harpham

LPA Futures_040



© LPA / Some of our generous sponsors - Delta Design, Swan Turton, BMA Models & Direct Photographic

LPA Futures_084

© LPA / Lulu with Jean-Michel Massey from The Forge

LPA Futures_034

© LPA / The Duppy Share

LPA Futures_093

© LPA / The Duppy Share

LPA Futures_061


LPA Futures_071

© LPA / Patrick Harrison, Lisa & Mike Bone

LPA Futures_079

© LPA / Nick David & Rowan Fee

LPA Futures_082

© LPA / LPA Team