LPA Futures 2011/Party Pics!

As promised, here are some pictures from the LPA Futures 2011 launch party that took place on 11th May at Shoreditch Studios. Work by winning LPA Futures photographer Michael Whelan.

Work by winning LPA Futures photographer Toby Coulson.

Crowds of people soaking up the work and the fun atmosphere.

LPA Style artists Alice Timms and Sam Norman with friend Lorna.

Team Baber Smith!

Work by winning LPA Futures photographer Martin Usborne.

Team LPA! From left to right; Georgina, Ally, Lisa, Luke, Dani and Suzie.

Jaguar Shoes shaking up the mojitos.

Guests relaxing on the cinema chairs, enjoying the LPA slideshow.

Work from LPA Photographer Iain Crockart in the background.

Danny from Shoreditch Studios and Lisa presenting Toby Coulson with his Ubyu book.

A guest browsing the beautiful work of Toby Coulson.

Work by winning LPA Futures photographer Olly Burn.

Lisa with husband Adrian.

Guests enjoying the champagne and popcorn.

Julia Coulson from HMRC and friend with LPA Photographer Nick Daly.

The moving image from the judging event went down well. Shot by LPA photographer Kerry Harrison.

Winning LPA Futures photographer Rowan Fee and friends.

Winning LPA Futures photographers Toby Coulson and Martin Usborne.

Event photographs by © Tilley Harris