Lisa's New Book / Running a Successful Photography Business / The Perfect Photoshoot

Here's another extract from Lisa's new book, 'Running a Successful Photography Business' which is selling out fast!  This week we are looking at Chapter 8, 'The Perfect Photoshoot: A step-by-step guide' which takes you through 14 key steps to consider for all shoots, no matter how big or small. As Ray Massey, renowned advertising photographer, and one of the contributors to the book, says:

"Get all planning and pre-preduction 110 per cent sorted BEFORE you get to the fun, spontaneous, creative bit of the shoot. I always relax on set once I know all the problems and logistics have been sorted. Producing a quote is often the most creative part of the process as it's the time when we need to visualise all eventualities, decide on the team, methodology, location, backgrounds, models, etc. For me it's a brain, left side-right side thing. Anything to do with admin, IT, dodgy equipment in the middle of the creative process really distracts and detracts." 

Lisa agrees with Ray here, stating that "organising a photoshoot, on whatever scale, can be a minefield but Ray's correct - the thing is to be organised, pre-empt any problems and think ahead. 

Whether you are shooting one simple portrait in your own studio or a bank of images with a large production crew overseas, follow these simple steps and it should be a stress free and enjoyable process."

Step 1 of the 14 steps to consider is clarifying the brief, as Lisa explains; "Clarifying the brief is the starting point of any shoot, and needs to be pinned down before you can confirm the budget and start organising things. A change to the brief could result in a lot of wasted time and money." 

To read all 14 steps buy the book, ‘Running a Successful Photography business‘ as copies are selling out fast! Head to Amazon, Bloomsbury, WHSmith, or Waterstones to get your copy.


Lipton's Capsules. Commissioned by Rothco © Ray Massey.