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This week we bring you a final little excerpt from Lisa’s new book ‘Running a Successful Photography Business’, this time from the last chapter, Chapter 13: Going Forward. ‘’It’s really been a pleasure talking to all of the photographers who have kindly contributed to this book, most of whom are from entirely different parts of the industry to me and indeed from one another. One really interesting thing I noticed was how much they all had in common. How they shared the same qualities that made them successful in (my mind): tenacity and focus; passion and drive; a lack of ego but a confidence in their own ability; a priority on delivering a good job; an ability to evolve and a desire to keep learning. There were also many other parallels: their average days; their definitions of success; their approach to running a business; their views on pricing and promotion; and not least how they stay motivated. I think they should have the final word.’’

The chapter then includes some wonderful insights from several of the contributors. So we leave you with a couple of insights from photographers Patrick Harrison and Gandee Vasan.

‘’It’s always been the same for me, just keep on soaking it all up, be forever curious and observe. It’s important to experience new things, to explore and try to see things through other people’s eyes. Having three kids has been great for this and great for focusing on bringing the work in too!’’

Patrick Harrison


© Patrick Harrison / Premier League

‘’David Hockney says it’s important to work every day, even if it’s just one word or a sketch or a snapshot. Because it’s the first step that leads you to a new place. The initial image might not be that great but it gives you clues as to how to improve it. It’s also important to feed your passion by constantly looking at great work.

The biggest motive of all is when you feel you have something to say. And we all have something to say; “None of us want to die with our song still inside us.”

Gandee Vasan


© Gandee Vasan 

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