Lisa Pritchard/The Business of Photography Workshop/Imagework

Lisa is conducting a workshop with Imagework on 19/01/12, from 14:00-17:30 at Westbourne Studios, London. Tickets are £75 and there are still a few places available. Click here to book. The presentation will cover all the essentials -

  • How to prepare the best portfolio and website.
  • How to market yourself and get clients.
  • How to cost and produce shoots.
  • How to find representation.
  • How to finance and run your business.
  • How to deal with contracts and legal obligations.

The presentation will culminate in a Q and A discussion, with the opportunity to ask Lisa questions vital to your business.

The workshop will coincide with the January 2012 publication of Lisa's first book 'Setting up a Successful Photography Business' which is a practical and essential handbook for anyone who wants to be a professional photographer.