Laura Pannack-Portrait of "Precious" for Dazed & Confused

Laura Pannack was recently commissioned to shoot Gabby Sidble, the star of the new film "Precious", for the magazine Dazed & Confused.

"I knew that my options would be limited as Gabby was being flown over from the US for the premier of her film and only had 24hrs in which to squeeze in a mammoth list of interviews, screenings and photoshoots. To make life easier for her PR had decided to use her hotel suite as a base for all shoots. Before I arrived she had already done 6 shoots so  I knew that to get something different I needed to take her away from the hotel suite but getting her out of the hotel was a no go. I did a reccie a week before and batted my eyelids at the hotel manager who agreed that we could use a black wall in the bar and we could control the lighting for 15 minutes. I was lucky that Gabby was such a great model and let me sift through her wardrobe before we started... I shot the images on my little Bronica 645."

Laura's powerful portrait of Gabby, as seen above, is in February's issue of Dazed and Confused, on sale now.