Julian Calverley / Personal Project / Panoramic Views

While most of us have been weathering the winter inside with the heating on, Julian Calverley has been getting his thermals on and hitting the Scottish ice and gales head on. These beautiful and daunting landscapes were shot on the Isle of Skye and Glen Etive in the Highlands, capturing the terrain at its most barren and austere. On the technicalities  of the project, Julian said, 'Each picture consists of 3 three horizontal frames on the IQ180 MFDB. The task was made that much easier with the use of custom indents on the ALPA 12 STC, which aid quick and accurate shifting, particularly useful when working with fast moving cloud'.

JC_LPA_Blog_063 © Julian Calverley

JC_LPA_Blog_064 © Julian Calverley

JC_LPA_Blog_065 © Julian Calverley

JC_LPA_Blog_066 © Julian Calverley

JC_LPA_Blog_067 © Julian Calverley

JC_LPA_Blog_068 © Julian Calverley

JC_LPA_Blog_069 © Julian Calverley