Igor Emmerich / Everyday Olympics / Weightlifting

When it all comes to an end, ensure you don't get the Olympic blues with Igor Emmerich's 'Everyday Olympics'. This week we bring you Weightlifting - the last from a series of three.

Follow these step by step instructions and take part in your own 'Everyday Olympics'.

1. Place each 5 kilo plastic bag on the ground just beyond shoulder width apart. 2. Take a deep breath, and step up to the groceries, toes pointed forward. 3. Squat down and grasp the handles of the bags. 4. It is recommended you grip the handles overhand, as an underhand grip can lead to rupture of biceps and connecting tendons. 5. Lower your hips so that you’re thighs are parallel to the floor, sticking your butt out. 6. Use the bags for leverage to maintain balance! 7. Flatten your back and look straight ahead. 8. Make a mean face and grunt. 9. Lift the bags off the ground by standing up, letting them hang in front of your hips. 10. Do not try to lift any higher! Now you are ready to carry your groceries home.

© Igor Emmerich