Igor Emmerich / Everyday Olympics/ Fly swatting Tennis

Now you don't have to be a world class athlete to be an Olympian as we proudly present ... 'Everyday Olympics!' The brain child of LPA photographer Igor Emmerich, 'Everyday Olympics' gives you step by step instructions of how to be take part in your own Olympics as you go about your daily routines.

This week we bring you Tennis (aka fly swatting!).

1. After spotting the fly, get yourself into party stance. 2. Begin your back swing and simultaneous knee bend. 3. Your sight arm is extended straight up into the air. 4. Your swatter and hitting arm are in the L position upon completion of your back swing. 5. Your knees are fully bent and your weight is equally distributed on the balls of each foot.

Stay tuned for our weekly updates… Next week Office Basket Ball!

© Igor Emmerich