Iain Crockart/New Annual Report book available to download now.

Iain Crockart has just launched a useful new downloadable book demonstrating some of the many approaches that can be taken when photographing an annual report. The 60 page resource features over 120 images and is split into 3 handy chapters: Directors, Our People/Our Customers and The Business. A must for all corporate design agencies- download it now! Click here to download a pdf version or treat yourself to a hard copy here.

Here's a sneak preview taken from each category of the book.

Category 1: Directors/Non-Execs. Formal, informal, reportage, on locations, individually and in groups.

Category 2: Our People/Our Customers. Dynamic, positive, real, engaging, storytelling, graphic, memorable.

Category 3: The Business. This can  be approached from many angles: A day in the life, the production process, the physical environment, making the ordinary interesting, abstract, suggestive, metaphoric, movement, dynamic, micro to macro.