Iain Crockart/Global Adventure Plus

Iain Crockart's recent commission to record the inaugural Global Adventure Plus event,took him on an incredible adventure across the Indian Himalayas. Global Adventure Plus (GAP) is the brainchild of Robert Lawrence, holder of the Military Cross and wounded in the Falklands War. It helps Britain’s ex-servicemen get back on their feet after serving their country in the forces. Through the challenges of adventure, team-work and camaraderie. GAP re-invigorates and re-motivates soldiers who have lost their way since leaving the job they knew and loved.

Iain said of the experience ''Ex-soldiers with post traumatic stress disorder, serving soldiers, civilians in wheelchairs following accidents, working psychologists and media professionals drove a mix of 1950s-style Jeeps and motorcycles over some of the toughest roads in the world as they conquered their own fears and came together as a single unit battling against the elements. 1300 kilometres, knee-deep mud, multiple landslides, blinding dust, lethal traffic, and sheer drops on both sides. The GAP event brought together a fascinating blend of people. Not one of the participants came away untouched in some way from their time in the mountains. The snow-capped peaks of the Indian Himalayas serving as a staggering backdrop for an extraordinary trip, with a unique group of people.’’